Personal Injury Claims Push Car Insurance Prices Up

Over the past few years car insurance policies have raised dramatically, this is no surprise since there have been many factors to contribute to this upward trend. Whilst the price of car insurance has gone up not many people fully understand why this has come about and may just think it’s the car insurer’s way to make a quick buck; many people need their cars for their jobs and this means prices can change frequently and consumers still have to pay up.

Well as much as we’d like to think the reason for these price hikes was something as simple as that, it unfortunately isn’t. Over the past 15 years there have been many more companies providing car insurance have entered the market; it’s now at the point where there are specialist insurers for a specific type of driver even companies who will only insure women drivers.

There have been a number of different factors that have helped increase insurance but one that has become one of the most expensive is personal injury claims. As the insurance companies multiplied, so have the personal injury companies. You’ll no doubt have seen the adverts where a rotund gentleman asks if you’ve had a fall or hurt yourself and could possibly blame someone else. Well if you are involved in a collision and the other driver or their passengers are hurt then there’s a good chance with the current blame culture that they will claim personal injury expenses against your car insurance.

Comprehensive car insurance covers all damages to your vehicle and also incidents like this. The silver lining being that at least you are not taken to court over this matter and it is all handled via the insurers. It isn’t uncommon for people to make false injury claims, especially in low speed collisions but your insurance company are going to give them a thorough grilling to make sure that they do not fall victim to someone’s opportunistic greed.

Obviously many personal injury claims are legitimate and go towards covering the loss of earnings if the accident incurs time off work or expensive medical costs. Nonetheless this all helps increase your car insurance quote. There are many other factors that affect car insurance policies like uninsured drivers and the rising value of cars and their contents but the personal injury issue seems to be the latest to fall under the spotlight, so make sure when you’re driving to take care and observe your speed at all times to help prevent any collisions or accidents.